My top five tips for having success in a 2023 job campaign are:

  • Get your ask-on! 

Be prepared to network, network, network. With so many people looking for work a key technique to differentiate yourself is by identifying someone inside your target companies to be a champion for you. Your champion can help get you out of the ATS and in front of a hiring authority.

  • Mindset, mindset, mindset. 

A job campaign means rejection. You won’t be a fit for every job. Appreciate that. Have a strategy for yourself to keep you from spiraling down. Reject, rejection, and strengthen your persistence and resolve. It is a numbers game and with persistence and consistent effort you can find that ‘just right employer’.

  • Be present, show up well, and leverage LinkedIn. 

You must make an affirmative effort to submit your résumé. Your LinkedIn profile is available 24/7. Your profile may be more important than your résumé because you can be found without needing to do anything (other than having a dynamite LI Profile).

  • Create magic with your accomplishment stories. 

Employers don’t want to hear about your responsibilities, they want to hear about what you’ve accomplished. She/he who tells the best stories wins! Be prepared with signature stories that allow the employer to see you in the role you are seeking and clearly demonstrate the many skills and talents you’ll bring to them when you are hired.

  • Take care of yourself.

In a job campaign, you need to be a warrior. That means taking care of yourself as an elite athlete. Work out to stay strong. Watch your diet. If there are health needs, you have been neglecting get those taken care of so when you begin the new job you can sprint during your onboarding and probationary period. You are a ‘whole’ not just a worker bee. Honor that about yourself.


Over my career, I’ve worked with thousands of people to create successful job campaign strategies. I’ve interviewed thousands and prepared more than a thousand people to interview well. I think the secret to success is in the doing. When in action you will succeed. Reach out if you’d like to learn more about what I can do to support you.

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Get clear, gain confidence, make it happen – get hired sooner. Stay courageous.

As always, I wish you health and a clear path to offer your professional creativity within a job that’s truly right for you.

Success – at work, at play, every day!