Real-World Results


Zee W., Williamsburg,VA

“It was years since I last wrote a resume, looked for a job or interviewed.  Lynden helped me with each step of the process.  Her understanding of what needs to be in a resume changed the “not interested” responses to “let’s talk”.  The interview prep helped me land a job quickly and then assisted in understanding the offer and how to negotiate which was super helpful.  Lynden is an asset that every job seeker needs in their corner.  She will be your cheerleader and your guide all at the same time.  Her coaching is insightful and unmatched, and you will not regret working with Lynden.”

Michael Elias

Marcella Samuel

Nathalie Osborn

Augustine Munoz

“Lynden possesses those rare and fine qualities to propel one into action. Through her coaching, she has supported and inspired me to reach for my best. Her knowledge of how to implement suggestions has been particularly beneficial to me as I have developed my skills as a coach, trainer, and speaker. I recommend her as an inspirational speaker, trainer, and solid coach. Check her out today!”

Joyce B. – Tyler, TX

“I had the privilege of attending Lynden Kidd’s seminar, Success by Design. It was the perfect synergistic combination of practicality and affirmative principles. I had made myself fairly miserable in my quest to find the job that was the right fit for me and I was noticing that my creativity and enthusiasm were waning. Lynden’s seminar inspired me to take a risk and obtain training that places me in key positions to advance my career.”

Sherry S. – Tucson, AZ

“If you’re looking for the best career coach ever, connect with Lynden. However, don’t expect her to do the work – that will be up to you. She’s firm but understanding, and if you accept her guidance and follow her advice, you will certainly come out on top.”

Clayton H. – Tucson, AZ

“I’ve been working with Lynden for about six months. We’ve had some awesome results together, and she has really helped me fly through the challenges of a divorce, job search, getting my family on board with a move and landing work that pays me better and allows me to use my best skills. With Lynden’s support, I’m leaving my current job, elegantly, knowing my work was respected and appreciated and going into something better…a far cry from how I felt when we first started working together.”

Kathy M. – Seattle, WA

“I feel empowered when I work with Lynden. I have had the pleasure of being a client of Lynden’s in her role as an employability coach supporting the Back to Work 50+ program sponsored by AARP in Tucson, AZ. Lynden provides her clients with a new perspective and helps remove barriers for enabling mature people reenter the workforce. Lynden adds humor and personal experience which made me feel comfortable and more receptive to the teaching and coaching she provides. Lynden is a great coach and a valuable asset to the Tucson community.”

David K., – Tucson, AZ

My professional development experience with Lynden Kidd was nothing short of delightful.  She instills a deep sense of ownership, while also making clear how invested she is in your success and growth.  The course is developed in a way that systematically covers the in-depth topics of a job search, while still maintaining a personal feel that sets it apart in a profound way.  I found myself being introduced to “game changer” tools consistently and having the ability to reference them at any point during or after the course.  Tools that made it clear that Lynden had compiled a treasure trove of knowledge through hard work, and a dedication to her craft.  I have already experienced the confidence that accompanies true preparation for a job campaign, and as a Veteran, nothing puts my mind at ease quite as much as a fundamental understanding of the skills it takes to be prepared and successful in a future of professionalism.  I am honored to have had the opportunity to sharpen my skills with Lynden and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the course to anyone with similar aspirations.

Luke G. – Tucson, AZ