Second Edition Release

Enjoy new and revised chapters

This anthology was written along with 10 other Canfield Certified Trainers including Pete Winiarski, Neel Raman, Kathy Sparrow, and Nathalie Osborn.

In my chapter, “Leading a Heart-Centered Pivot and Reset in 3 Steps,” I penned a letter to my young adult daughter, reminding her of the lessons they learned during my health challenge in 2018. I reflected on how these lessons can be mapped onto any leadership challenge––whether pandemics, racial tensions, or business failures. And I shared how personal responsibility, heart-centered decision making, and resilience helped to pivot their lives, not only once but many times. 

Ignite Your Leadership

Proven Tools for Leaders to Energize Teams, Fuel Momentum, and Accelerate Results

This anthology was written along with 11 other Canfield Certified Trainers including Pete Winiarski. My chapter, Positivity Works: The Heart of Employee Engagement addresses career calling and how companies should aid their employees in aligning with their personal mission, vision, and values. We are intrinsically motivated and it allows us to do our best!

Managing Change in Healthcare

I participated in creating this anthology book during my transition from being a Healthcare System Executive to a Healthcare Industry Management Consultant. This transition was my first major career change and I learned the hard way that change and managing it well was essential.