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As a career strategist, Lynden Kidd is passionate about helping clients who feel like they are pulling their hair out, trapped in jobs they hate, and know those toxic feelings about work are spilling over into all areas of their life.


Holistically inspired, Lynden Kidd guides others in transformations that soothe, empower, renew, restore, and replenish those who are career weary and struggling to find work that is creative and fulfilling.

Lynden guides frustrated and unhappy people back from the brink of frustration and despair to boldly reconsider their work and career. She teaches her clients how to take back that feeling of being inspired when they see that they can make a difference with their work and get paid well for their contributions. She is extremely passionate about assisting people to reach their full potential.

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Meet Lynden Kidd

A Canfield Methodologies Certified Trainer, Lynden Kidd, J.D. is a Talent Development Consultant, Career Strategist, and Executive Coach skilled in teaching the science of success.

She has also been CEO of the healthcare and engineering recruiting firm, Next Iteration, for over a decade. Lynden has worked with hundreds of companies to identify, attract, retain, and develop key employees; to hire competitively, and to develop high-performing teams. She also served as an Employability Coach supporting unemployed and underemployed people who were 50 years old or older to attract and find meaningful careers in the BACK TO WORK 50+ program locally in Tucson, Arizona, and she is now offering training for the National/Virtual BACK TO WORK 50+ program sponsored by the AARP Foundation.


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Captivating Careers

Through Captivating Careers, Lynden Kidd has worked with leaders, managers, and highly skilled technical professionals. After working with her, they became transparent about the role of work in their lives and more effective corporate contributors; additionally, they developed personalized career strategies that were designed to keep them on the path to fully engaged and satisfying work lives.

Lynden helps people recognize self-sabotage and subconscious programming so that it creates room for fresh clarity and perspective. She assists her clients in exploring career interests as well as identifying their skill sets. Previous clients share that the Captivating Careers’ process gave them clarity, support, confidence, grit, gratitude, communication skills, and hope.