Career Strategies 1-on-1 Career Coaching Programs

Are you an executive or leader who wants better results? Or a job seeker looking for guidance? With our 1-on-1 career coaching, you’ll get training, guidance, support, encouragement, and accountability. You’ll speak better about your strengths, improve recognition, visibility and clarify your personal brand. These programs offer highly personalized attention for those who are committed to reaching their goals SOONEST, not ‘whenever’.

1-on-1 Career Coaching is right for you if You Are…

Ready to play a bigger game and get better results: more impact, more income, more fulfillment

At the beginning of your transition to a better work-life and want plenty of individualized attention as you embark on your next career adventure

Tired of trying to figure it out by yourself and haven’t been able to reach your goals (or even identify your goals) or get the kind of traction you want

Willing to try new ways of doing things, and understand that growth in your career goes hand in hand with facing personal development too

Committed to reaching your goals sooner – rather than never – and want to gain the skills and strategy to make them happen

Inspired by a challenge and take full responsibility for your actions; you’re looking for a mentor, not a savior

Ready to let go of struggling and feel more in the flow of your business and life. Hard work? Yes. Suffering? No way!

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1-on-1 Coaching includes:

Precisely what you need to help you move forward efficiently and effectively so that you can land a job or up-level your career, earn more money, and live a life of fulfillment and joy.

     Guidance, support, structure, examples

    Accountability, brainstorming & cheerleading

    Specific action steps to keep you moving forward and to help you prioritize your next steps

    Tough love – moving out of your comfort zone is where the action happens

    Insight, practical tips, suggestions, and edits too

    Tools, resources, worksheets, and industry-leading articles

    • Regularly scheduled 1:1 coaching sessions, plus “just in time” support between sessions as needed when things come up.
    • Connections to other clients and influencers as appropriate
    • Materials review, including feedback as needed on your personal branding documents, 30-Second Pitch, white papers, LinkedIn strategies, etc.

    My objective is to guide you through any blocks, so you create lasting positive change in your business, career, and life. No more band-aids. No more throwing darts and hoping for a bullseye.

      Our coaching collaboration will help you get clear on what’s standing between you and your dreams. Let us provide you with a clear path forward.

      Many of my clients were stuck in careers they didn’t find fulfilling. For example, they had bully bosses, go-nowhere options for advancement or were simply in between their next serious career options. Some lacked the confidence to “put themselves out there.” Many were bumping up against blocks, or simply weren’t sure how to start. 

      LET’S BE CLEAR: 1-on-1 coaching is for people who are eager to change and grow NOW. You must understand that there is no miracle solution – that it takes time, energy, and financial commitment to reach your goals. So, if you are looking for the least expensive solution instead of for the best possible solution, then this won’t be a good fit. 

      1-on-1 coaching is an investment in YOU, and your career. If your impact and income have been lackluster, or you don’t want to waste any more time, then this might be the solution you’re seeking.

      What is the true cost of not moving forward and fulfilling your dreams?

      The best way to find out if this is the right opportunity for you is to schedule a 30-minute complimentary Career Strategy Call* to talk with me about whether this is the solution for you.

      *Required before enrolling as a client.

      Wondering what it’s like to work together?

      Learn more about how I help you reach your goals:

      A Letter From Lynden Kidd,

      Owner of Captivating Careers


      I have an intuitive talent for appreciating ‘what’s up’ with my clients quickly. That makes pinpointing the kind of support they need to up-level their game clear. You will feel seen, heard, and unequivocally supported. I am a champion for your highest potential and can steer you in the right direction. Even if the path occasionally seems murky to you. I help you see around foggy corners.

      I am highly intuitive and analytical and bring “both sides of my brain” to our relationship. I pride myself on recognizing how each person and situation is unique. My goal is to give you the exact mix of guidance, accountability, skill-building, cheerleading, and resources that you need to be successful.

      Your career growth is not separate from personal growth, and my clients get better results because of it. Let’s face it. If all you had to do to grow your career or get a new job was learn the “secret formula” (or “crack the code” or whatever else it’s called these days), you would have figured it out by now. 

      Most of the career development skills you need to succeed are things you can learn online for free. You are certainly smart enough to track down that information. But that’s not why you are stuck. Most of us are stuck because we feel overwhelmed and frustrated. We procrastinate in the name of making things more perfect, and we lack accountability. Most of us lack the confidence to try something new. Or we let our head talk our heart out of what we really want – convincing ourselves that our deepest desires will never ever come true. I GET IT and want to help you face these challenges head on! If you’re up for it, your career development or job search campaign can be the perfect playground to practice letting go of habits that no longer serve you. Let’s try on a new set of patterns that will empower your career AND life.

      My Career Coaching Background

      • I have a business background, a professional recruiter’s perspective and believe in empowering my clients to become the rockstar careerists of their own. I will support you to get more success out of your strategies by teaching you the HOW, rather than relying on me to do it for you. So, while it may sometimes be easier for me to simply tell you about the best approach, I always want you to understand the “how” and the “why” so that you are self-sufficient (while still being insanely well supported!). 

      • In addition to my coach training, I’ve been fortunate to gain some fantastic talent acquisition, business, and entrepreneurial experience in previous careers in management consulting, executive recruiting, leading my own recruiting firm, and supporting career and workforce development for more than a decade. I can introduce you to the science of success-based practices, which lead to results in a non-intimidating manner if you’re new to this or share more advanced strategies and tactics with you if that’s what you need.

      Schedule your complimentary Career Strategy Call now if you’re ready to start gaining greater clarity and finally bust through your career ceiling.