Captivating Career Blueprint – Group Coaching

Extra Eyes on the Essential Elements of a Successful Job Search

Here’s my wish for you. Get into a new job sooner. Reap the benefit of better pay (sooner) and be happier in a job where you know you can make a difference. Job Search Campaigns can be intimidating and frustrating and long. It isn’t rocket science so why is it so hard?

I’m inviting you to a small group coaching program designed to get you through the fundamentals of thriving within your job search and to hold you accountable for the results you want to get you into your next job. No more wondering if you are working on the right things and if all this rejection is supposed to help you to have better character. (Dear Lord, don’t I have enough character already?)

Pricing: $897

Is Blueprint Group Coaching For You?

There are 3-Essential Elements of a Successful Job Search and this program is for you if you want to move through them efficiently and with a trusted and knowledgeable guide to support you along the way. The 3-Essential Elements are:

    Those job seekers who tell a better story are the ones who connect with employers and land the job. What story do you tell about your career?

    Those who develop great personal branding tools also get through the process with more success.

    Those ready to network, network, network. It makes all the difference.

    Developing personal branding tools such as a résumé that allows you to show up well when you can’t speak for yourself is key. You’ve got to have a great résumé and cover letter that performs well in an ATS (boo-hiss those pesky applicant tracking systems can be such an obstacle). What? You don’t know what an ATS is? Trust me, you’ll learn how to beat them and have your résumé viewed by an actual HUMAN vs a (ro)bot.

    This course is a guide to getting through the basic steps of a successful job campaign with support – an extra set of sharp eyes so you can overcome obstacles and stay on track. We have years of experience guiding people just like you to land new jobs and to do that more efficiently and effectively, so you don’t have lengthy employment gaps and a loss of income, but instead reap the benefit of getting to new work sooner and the income that comes with that!

    This course is not: a replacement for doing the hard work of your search, but it is designed to guide you to experience less effort and frustration with the core fundamentals and tasks that make a difference. Let’s get it done – together!

    What you gain with this investment:

    Tough Interview Questions – The good, the bad, and the ugliest ones! Critical info about always asked questions and key answer strategies that move you forward to the next step in the hiring process.

    Personal Branding – Why Should I Get to Know You? Résumés with Accomplishments and Cover Letters that are read

    Networking: The Difference Between Networking and Not Working is One Letter. Your 30-Second Introduction + Networking Fundamentals

    Getting Found 24/7: Why LinkedIn can be the key. How to be found at any time. LinkedIn Profile Perfection.


    A Better Career Starts with Clarity: Assessments + Getting to Know Yourself, Oh the Stories You Will Tell.


    Practice, Practice, Practice: Perfecting interview answers and debunking other interview mysteries.

    Plus at least one bonus presenter! Shhhhh…She’s da bomb diggity!

    You can count on homework to complete – you’ve got to have action to attract opportunities, right?

    Plus, an accountability tracker/scorecard – are you doing the best things to move your campaign forward? Are you spending your time on high-value activities? What activities most make a difference! We know and we share all! No questions, just success.

      What’s Included

      • THE ASSESSMENTS PACK (value $497) You’ll take assessments that will drive your self-knowledge and give you a perspective on who you are at work and what makes you tick. This offers you an opportunity to present yourself in the best and most objective light when talking to employers about why they should hire you.
      • THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN NETWORKING AND NOT WORKING IS ONE LETTER (value $297) What makes someone decide to talk with you, now? What’s the secret sauce you share in your 30-Second Pitch? How do you overcome the most common hangups about effective networking without feeling like you are being less than authentic and sharing your true value? Learn how to address the most prominent networking challenges so you can get back in the driver’s seat of your networking strategy.
      • MINDSET, MINDSET, MINDSET ($197) Psychology, and key neuroscience principles play a great role in your job campaign, at least they should. You have the power to enhance your experience by infusing your expectations of what to expect and how to get out of your own way so you can be successful. Learn the principles of commitment and consistency and the science of success to move forward with less stress and second guessing.
      • HOW TO ANSWER + ASK BETTER QUESTIONS (value $297) Learn exactly how to remain in control during every aspect of the interview and to get your most important questions answered so you land an opportunity in a company culture that serves you. These 5 Interview Question Focus Areas will ensure you stop getting ghosted and only get on calls with employers who are ready to make decisions.
      • A SHARED DRIVE (Value $597) filled with Captivating Career Blueprint articles, supportive training handouts, checklists, scorecards and other materials to assure you are at the top of your game and can follow through on your job search strategies!

      That’s Not All! There is a Bonus!

      “Keeping Yourself Energized When You’re Not Feeling It!” (Value $697) An extra special expert in energizing yourself for success, productivity, and FUN will join us to present strategizes for moving through less productive times and keeping us focused on the outcome – success!

      This total investment is worth $2582 for only $897 – to join the waitlist today to get to the career and job of your dreams, fill out the form below.

      You may be thinking that you really need more practice on your interviewing skills.You feel like you want help navigating the pitfalls and some customized practice questions. Well…we can help.

      You can add Interview 2-Be Hired to your order for only $297.

      Interview 2-Be Hired Level 1 DIY – Do It Yourself Mostly includes-

      • INTERVIEW WITH CONFIDENCE with MY INTERVIEW COACH (value $897) You’ll have access to your personal dedicated online portal, and you’ll get access to the entire Interview with Confidence System. Your résumé got you the interview – now your interview performance determines if you get the job! You’ll have access for one year.
      • LIVE 1:1 30-MINUTE CAREER STRATEGY KICKOFF (value $197) You will learn from a Career Strategist what makes an interviewer or interview panel sit up and listen. You will discover how to overcome the most common interview mistakes. You will learn how to address the 5 most prominent interview question categories so you can get back in the driver’s seat of your interview encounter.
      • JOB SEARCH PITFALLS (value $397) You may assume you know a lot about the job search process. If you’ve been looking for a while unsuccessfully or if you haven’t sought out a new opportunity for a long time – what you think you know may be wrong. You can’t afford not to have leading-edge information from the top companies and researchers about promoting and hiring best practices. You will learn how and why interviewers ask the questions they ask and the types of answers they want to hear, plus so much more.
      • PREPARED-FOR-YOU: TARGETED JOB-FOCUSED INTERVIEW PRACTICE QUESTIONNAIRE(S) (value $497) You will get customized Interview Questionnaires calibrated to the job opportunities you want. You can easily take yourself through the questions step-by-step, answer by answer. You will go from feeling like an interview bomber to becoming a confident and articulate interviewee who executes and closes interviews with ease. You can avoid letting interview stress cause you to meltdown and wither under pressure. Gain your competitive edge by practicing questions asked by the best of the best companies – all targeted to the position you want!

      The INTERVIEW 2-Be Hired System alone is a $1,988 VALUE.

      But you also get BONUSES!

      • BONUS #1: ADDITIONAL RESOURCES (value $197) You may be networking like crazy but not reaching the right people – your LinkedIn strategy may be off. You will learn 13 ways to get the most out of LinkedIn.
      • BONUS #2: JUST STOP TALKING (value $97) Do you keep talking at the end of an interview? You might just be talking yourself out of getting hired! Learn how to avoid this pitfall and exit an interview elegantly.
      • BONUS #3: INTERVIEW THANK YOU NOTES (value $48) You know you want to personalize your thank you notes or emails. Learn how to make them sizzle and assure the reader knows you respect their contribution to the interview.

      Don’t miss this AMAZING Job Search System! The total value is $2330……

      With the purchase of Our Group Coaching, you can add this valuable tool for only $297!

      Ok, you might be thinking that you would really like some 1:1 time with one of our Career Strategists. Well…we can help!

      You can add our Office Hours ($500 Value) for $397

      Office Hours includes the following.

      You’ll get access to me (and possibly extra experts) two times a month for one year.

      You can simply drop in for inspiration, assistance, gentle nudging, or roll
      your shirt sleeves up problem-solving.

      You can email your questions in advance or take a chance and arrive with your
      request in hand at the scheduled time.

      You’ll join others who are advancing through our programs, and you will benefit from answers to questions you may not have thought of yet.

      I’m excited to make this available and look forward to seeing you there!