I may not do all the good the world needs, but the world needs all the good that I can do.          — Jana Stanfield

You’ve probably heard the phrase, “To waste your talent is a sin.” Everyone has their natural aptitudes, interests they gravitate towards, passions they wish they had time to realize. We often cloak these talents in modesty or self-effacement: you might be good at something, but since you’re not the best, there’s no point in pursuing it, right?


Any talent, small or large, is a privilege. And like any privilege, you have a responsibility to wield it wisely. Wasting your talent isn’t just a sin, it’s an affront to the talent itself. Because we are taught from a young age to conform at any cost, it can be difficult to even realize what your talent is. Try to make room in your life to hear that small, quiet voice that speaks to you about your gifts and the contribution you can make. Your talent may not save the world, but, as Jana Stanfield said, the world needs all the good you can do.

In his wonderful book, Aspire, Kevin Hall writes: “When you feel as if you would do something for free, that is when you know you are on your true path. That is when you know you are connecting to what comes naturally to you.” When you are so passionate about something that you’re willing to do it without any incentive other than the pure joy of it—that is the true test of passion. To live your passion and apply your talents is to follow your intuitive calling.

Aristotle once said, “Where our talents and the needs of the world cross, there lies our vocation.” Your intuitive calling is not simply something you find pleasurable—if that were so, many would find that they’re true vocation was to play video games or sit at the pub betting on sports! Rather, an intuitive calling is sincere joy infused with service. When you are willing to break the bounds of self-interest to commit to something meaningful, you have found your true calling. When you pursue something with singular vision and feel liberated, that is your true calling. When what you are doing and who you have become unite, that is your true calling.

Embrace your greatness and start making a difference in the world.

May your next iteration be a fruitful and inspiring one—whatever turn it takes.

Success Clues – living your true calling.  At work, at play, everyday.