Your Unique Path

I once heard a very famous physician author, Bernie Siegel speak to a room full of brave cancer patients, cancer survivors, nurses and physicians who support cancer patients Bernie was passionate that his purpose and responsibility was to do the work he was doing teaching people on the relationship between the patient and the healing process as it manifests throughout one’s life. He said something that day that has stayed with me. To paraphrase, “when you are doing what you are supposed to be doing – living your life’s work the details take care of themselves.” His example was that he never worried about weather delays as he traveled the country going to one speaking venue to another. “If I’m supposed to be there, I will be and the weather will take care of itself.” It would make no difference worrying one way or another; if he was supposed to be there if the speech was on his path, he would be. In other words, doing what you’re supposed to be doing is all you have to do, and following your innate, deeply in-built strengths will help you do it.

In his excellent book, Aspire, Kevin Hall writes, “when you maximize your talents, you are on path, on purpose, on target. When you don’t, you’re off path, off purpose, and off target.” Simple as that.

Following your innate talents will set you on course to finding your unique path in life. You talents are your most enduring resource, innate skills and strengths that your brain does most naturally. Which means that if you pursue your talents, put energy into maximizing them, and organize your life around them, all of the other pieces of your path will fall into place. What are your talents? What comes most naturally to you? Is there something you could do indefinitely without ever becoming tired of it? Do what is in your nature; the things you do well that you have a natural aptitude for; use your genius to contribute.

May your next iteration be a fruitful and inspiring one—whatever turn it takes.

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