Are you feeling like the job you are doing is not doing right by you? You can change that now.

There are a near record level of people quitting their jobs in the US. The May “quit rate”, or the proportion of workers quitting their jobs, reached the highest level since 2001. This is a sign of HIGH optimism that a worker can get a better job. With the unemployment level so low there are plenty of jobs to go around, job seekers are realizing that the grass might be greener with a new employer. Most people quitting their jobs are finding more lucrative opportunities.

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics posted data collected in their JOLT survey (Job Openings and Labor Turnover Survey) indicating that record numbers of employees quit their jobs in May and even hinted that the ‘gig economy’ appeared to be slowing down as employers recognize they need to be more competitive to keep good employees and to hire new quality talent.


As a potential job seeker, what does that mean for you? Look around and check out openings. You may find that there are more opportunities available than the last time you checked. Also, be honorable and responsible in your transition. If you accept an interview, show up. Recruiters are reporting a higher number than usual of ‘ghosting’ candidates – those who accept appointments/interviews and then don’t show. While as a candidate you might find you have lots of opportunities, if you chose to ghost an employer be prepared to pay the price – they will remember you in the future.

Get clear, gain confidence, make it happen – live your true calling. At Work, At Play, Everyday