Job searching can be tedious and terrifying, especially if you are someone who doesn’t enjoy talking about yourself. However, it takes tenacity and courage to be successful at it. It also takes tenacity and courage to face down the butterflies in your belly and make the next call or write the next customized cover letter.

When I collaborate with clients who are in the hunt for new right work, the desktop organization can make all the difference. I endeavor to help my clients identify tools they can use to keep them on track, but also which help them when motivation might be flagging. There are so many repetitive steps in a job search, that putting frequently used information into a file where it may easily be accessed takes keystrokes off a potentially lengthy application. The same is true with developing a rhythm for the search. Having a schedule to keep and an organizational system that requires tending helps the search process along and keeps the job seeker in motion and from freezing in overwhelm.

That’s why I suggest it takes tenacity and courage to keep at it. It isn’t easy getting up each day to face what could be another day of crushing rejection and the black hole of digital applications. But, if you are clear about who you are and what you want to do next in your work, then systems and organization will help to compel you forward until you are successful.

Also, don’t forget to find some inspiration too in your day. That helps keep courage high and your momentum strong. Learn something new. Take advantage of polishing skills using LinkedIn Learning or find other tool building resources via YouTube or curated websites like .

Get clear, gain confidence, make it happen – live your true calling. Stay courageous.

At Work, At Play, Everyday