My business partner and I have been engaged in training this week. Just as we recommend for you, we take the time to be sure we too are at the top of our game and that our skills are current and sharp. The training gave me time to think about what makes a successful job campaigner. There are many things we coach you about, but I’d like to share some thoughtful HABITS for you to consider and you may just discover many of these are already part of your routine or you may wish to add them.

  1. Understand the importance of accountability. We’ve baked this into our coaching programs. In your coaching assignments, you may be accountable for the work you are doing with your coach and some of you may even have found friends or family with whom you collaborate on accountability. This is key.
  2. Play to your strengths and find help or assistance with your weaknesses. Hello – do you have a coach who can help you see around blind corners. Take advantage of someone who has gone ahead of you – been there and done that already. Also, if you need tech support or help with other resources as your coach. S/he has many resources available to help you out. If you don’t ask you’ll never know.
  3. Successful campaigners operate with a ‘long term’ lens not a ‘short term’ lens. Do what it takes to bridge yourself through the campaign into the ‘longer serving’ choices with sustainable results.
  4. You make quick decisions. You don’t want to get lost swirling a clogged drain, but instead, move yourself into a focused position so you can test your actions and get feedback from action vs. inertia.
  5. Seek to leverage your time anywhere you can. What resources might make you more efficient? 
  6. Set BIG but realistic goals.
  7. Always seek out coaches and mentors!
  8. Take calculated risks. Studies show women and men have different willingness to apply for jobs. Why is that?
  9. Consider investments vs. expenses. This is a great conversation to have with your accountant or financial advisor. Making investments is much more worthwhile then simply having an expense. Especially focus on this if you are considering continuing your education or getting a certification.
  10. Speak your new identity into existence. Not if, but when. Not try, but do….

Now do these things for yourself. Do you already have some of these habits? Are there some you could incorporate into your world view and lean into? Let me know in the comments below and that’s it for this career tip. Have a great week.

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Get clear, gain confidence, make it happen – get hired sooner. Stay courageous.

As always, I wish you health and a clear path to offer your professional creativity within a job that’s truly right for you.

Success – at work, at play, every day!